The Startde 1976
With the arrival of Lundh family first Westie. Aida was her name and oh how we had looked forward to her arrival, of course, was the Big sister little sister Inger dog so Anne decided she wanted one of her own as well. Aida had many predecessors from the animal world. Tropical fish, a cat and six budgies all came into our lives before our first dog came to an end. Lundh dad was not so enthusiastic, but who could resist two daughters (11 and 14) which was absolutely fanatic when it came to dogs. Mom Ingegerd on the other hand, liked dogs, and even today there are dogs in her home.

Wonderful joined the family. It soon became obvious that Aida och Wonderful would not win any beauty contests but they put our passion for dogs and we were very active in Malmo Dog youth in these early years. Both AIDA and Lovely trained and showed in obedience with mixed results.

Inger went over to England and our dream came true. We could import Chicko which became Int, S and N Champion Haweswalton Volvo Deluxe. Chicko was 10 weeks old when he came to us. Now our passion arose and Inger decided she wanted food. Grand Slam Lady Macbeth were purchased and bred to Chicko,