Before this however, something else happened. Ann Rode of Kennel Mic Mac moved in with her parents opposite the Lundh sisters. We had met our inspiration and most of our time was spent with Ann. Lots of dogs were trimmed, mainly by Anne who studied in High School and later went to Teaching Training college, just like Ann.
We learned a lot about dogs, animals and of course trimming from Ann. Most of the time,  Anne was to be found almost “living” in Ann’s cellar, trimming and studying. They were great learning years with lots of shows and dogs.

The breeding program for Kennel Posh didn’t really get started until Inger got Haidy, Int, S o Nuch Ruthsborgs a Story to Congratulate  and one of Chickos grandchildren.  In the 80s we were showing and trimming kennel Norwests (Bengt and Aina Ståhl) and kennel Ruthsborgs (Inga Persson) litters. Today we are tremendously grateful for all the experiences we had and we have so many happy memories of those days. Unfortunately Aina and Bengt Stål have stopped their breeding and Inga Persson died in 1996. Kennel Ruthsborg lives on in our dogs, our bitch lines come from there.

One of Haidys pups was Posh Cherokee Aucher (1987)  who was BIS puppy at the Kennel Club and Terrier club shows four times. She gained her Certificate and CACIB when she grew up.
Lina is still alive, 14 years old and lives with out parents.
Another of Haidys pups Posh Jubilee was sired by another importee, Ch Domaroy Kyle´o Mccain.

While Inger stayed on home soil learning, breeding and raising a family, Anne was completely absorbed with Trimming and handling.
She made time for a visit to America 88-89 when she worked at Kennel L Ésprit and part time at Coadys (well known handlers) in Los Angeles.
Home again she got her own first dog Congratulations Dona Di Diva who is still going strong at home with Annes family. Dona has a faulty bite, has never been shown but has been to more shows than most dogs!
Anne successfully trimmed and showed a lot of dogs in the 80s and 90s. Well recognised are Ch Mic Mac Räfst, 1985 Westie of the Year, Ch Ruthsborgs Prince Volvo, Westie of the Year 1988 and Ch Smash I’m sparkling, world winner in Copenhagen 1989. Also worth a mention are Ch Norwest Somestorm and Ruthsborgs Easter Eve who was a product of Anne’s own dog, Palle, Ch Times Lot´s of Magic. Anne adopted Palle when he was six in 1991. Apart from having a special personality he proved to be a very good breeder as well.

Posh Jubilee was born. She is a cornerstone of our bitch line.