Our first litter (3+3) from Callum and Ch Posh Spirea was born. They’re not a year old yet but Posh Unique, Sovereign and Guinea are very promising and Unique has several BIS results as a puppy.

We are looking forward to our breeding programme and we are also members of special clubs. One interest is Sydwestien where we have both held or will hold courses. In 2002 Inger will be sitting as Vice Chairman.
We work with children and teaching but our dogs are our biggest hobby.
We have also bred the two-legged variety (Ingers born 1992 and 1996 and Annes 1998 and 2002) and of course our husbands.
But that’s another story!

This year has involved much more than westies. Linnea (Annes second daughter) was born in February which of course means that our show and competition activities have been reduced.
Even so, it was a good weekend at the Malmö International show in March (Linnea was 14 days old). Kennel Posh were awarded both Best progeny group with Posh Cypress (BIS-4) and best Breeder group and then Posh Unique got a certificate and her brother Posh Sovereign was awarded best Junior Dog and reserve Best Dog. Another Breed Group from Kennel Posh were awarded BIS in Sjöbö (SvTek). We have also had several successful progeny groups  from Callum (Fleetwood Full of Magic) who has proved to be a very successful stud dog. His puppies, Posh Unique,  Sovereign and Penny as well as Mellanmöllan Tia Maria havealso got awards during the year,
We ourselves have had puppies after one of our bitch lines which, among others, resulted in Posh Safir who was BIR Puppy and BIG4 in Europe’s largest Puppy show in Malmö in November.
Posh Euro  and Gulden (Wesskots Knight in Cognito and Posh Spirea) are two promising yearlings who will be shown. Posh Gulden has several BIS placings as a Puppy. At the end of the year Posh Unique had four puppies with Eng Ch Krisma City slicker. Vi are very proud of them and some of them will of course remain with us. It will be a very exciting 2003.

Again the Malmö show was the start of good results for the year. Posh Unique was BOB and champion among around 40 westies. Posh Humle should also be mentioned. He began his career at the age of 4 with a certificate class and was best dog in tough company. The kennel also got two bitch pups from Llasara Loverboy and Posh Spirea who seem very promising.
Posh Spireas daughters Posh Penny got 2 and Posh Gulden got 1 certificate during the year and  Spirears brother Posh Humle  got Best Opposite Sex (hereafter referred to as BIM) and a certificate in Sofiero in September. At the Westie Allians official show in May, we entered a half dozen dogs with several good results. BIS puppy was Posh Electra Glide and BIM  puppy was Posh Sport Glide. Callum was awarded BIS Sire class amd his son Barky I did it My Way von Deipenbrock) was awarded BIS.
Posh Unique won the champion class and 3rd best bitch and Posh Humle won the open class and was 3rd best Dog. Also worth mentioning are BIS-junior places for both Posh Super Glide (Kenzo) at the Swedish Terrier Club show in Bjuv in May.
Posh Unique continued with a number of good results. In Denmark where the competition is very strong she won Best Bitch twice and Danish Champion which also gave her Copenhagen Winner 2003.
The high point of the season was Europe’s largest puppy show with 1300 pups entered. Here,
Posh Electra Glide (Millie) got BOB and Posh Super Glide got Best in Opposite Sex. The Judge that day was Siv Jernhake who later awarded Millie Best Terrier.
Best in show was judged by Carl Gunnar Stafberg and awarded it to Millie out of 1300 puppies. That Sunday, 9th November 2003 will never be forgotten. Tears ran freely that day with all of us.

This was a terrific year for Kennel POSH. Together with our daughters, 6 and 8 years,  we had a lot of mini holidays. We were away no less than fifteen times and were even in England at Crufts and Windsor where we got more inspiration. We saw a lot of lovely westies which we would have loved to take home.

As far as showing was concerned, the year was dominated by siblings Posh Electra Glide (Millie), Posh Super Glide (Kenzo) and Posh Sport Glide (Charlie). Together they took 19 certificates. Posh Electra Glide dominated the year and was placed in BIG and BIS finals at the large shows in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Some of the highlights were BIS reserve in the Swedish Kennel Clubs show in Hässleholm in May and BIS-3 at the Danish Kennel Clubs show in Ballrup in September. The year ended on a high note when Millie became Scandinavian Champion, BOB, BIG-4 and best Swedish Born Terrier at the Swedish Kennel Clubs Big Show in Stockholm in December. Millie was even named the years best Westie Bitch. Littermates Keno and Charlie both got certificates and we hope they can get their Champion titles next year.

The kennel also got puppies which will certainly be shown eventually. Our Stud dog Fleetwood Full of Magic, Posh Humle and Posh Super Glide have also had promising puppies. 

Now we look forward to new challenges in 2005, the Westie Alliance show in Blentarp being the high point.

After an intensive 2004 with puppies and shows, we decided to slow down a bit. On the puppy front we kept to it but the show front was another thing.

March was the International Show and Posh Super Glide (Kenzo) was awarded Nordic Champion.
At the end of April we were off to Denmark with Posh Electra Glide(Millie) where she got her international title and was also BOB among 50 Westies.
In May we went to Borås with Posh Maundy (Saga) where she finished the day with a certificate, BOB and BIG reserve. May and June saw us competing with two progeny groups which were well placed.
In June we were in Drammen in Norway where Posh Unique gor a certifiate, CACIB, BOB and BIG-3 which made her an International Champion. Fleetwood Full of Magic (Callum) who is now 11, got BIM and got a certificate, becoming a Norwegian Show Champion.. He was also BIS reserve among 30 veterans so it was really a wonderful day for us.
Late summer finished in Ronneby in August and Sofiero and Bjuv in September.
In Ronneby Posh Maundy (Saga) got BOB with a certificate and BIG-reserve. Our new Youth class Posh Detroit Redwings (Chicko) got certificates both days and even BIS Junior at the Swedish Terrier Club show.
In September Posh Electra Glide (Millie) had 3 pups with Engish champion Krisma Streetwise. This was a nice finish to the year and we will watch their progress. We also had a trip to Bröndby. The Danish Kennel Club had its international show with the title KHV.05, Posh Maundy  (Saga) showed her best side and got BIM and got the title Danish Champion and KHV-05. During the year Fleetwood Full of Magic and Posh Super Glide mated and produced very promising puppies.

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