This was the year we established new European contacts, not least because of our frequent Denmark visits.

The year started with the DKK show in Odense where Kenzo (Posh Super Glide) was BOB (Ingela Nilsson was the Judge) among 50 odd westies and BIG-2. That meant he was our seventh International Champion.

In February Posh Promise (Ebba) at the grand age of five months was shown at the North Skåne Kennel Club`s Puppy Show in Hässleholm with 600 puppies. Ebba was BOB and finished BIS-3.

A wonderful debute for Ebba!

May meant a trip to the SvTek show in Tånga Hed. Posh Arietta  got her first certificate and got Best Bitch-3.

After visiting Drammen 2 years in a row and fallen in love with Norway it was time for Inger to come on a long trip!

Again we had the joy of going home with both the Best dog and Best Bitch! Posh Detroit Redwings was BOB with a certificate and CICAB. Posh Maundy got BIM and got the title Northern Champion.

In July we continued showing in Borås and Posh Detroit Redwings got another certificate, was BOB and finished the day with BIG-3. It was hot but lots of fun.

At the end of July Denmark held an international summer show over a four day period just outside Copenhagen and had competitors from Germany, Denmark, Norway, Holland, Russia and of course Sweden.
Can you believe it, Posh Detroit Redwings was Best of Breed two days in a row.
Posh Maundy was BB-3 one day and BB-2 another day. It was one of the high points of the year.

In August, Anne went off to Ronneby for the SKK International with Posh Detroit Redwings who got BOB and Posh Maundy who got BIIM. In the afternoon “Chicko” got Best Terrier and finished the day with the whole Persson family, Johanna and Pernilla present as eager supporters.

A lovely summer memory which had started with a real downpour and finished with beautiful sunshine!

The Persson family had come down from Stockholm where Millie (Posh Electra Glide) had wed Ch Spoilt Brat de Moulin de Mcgregor (Rocco).

The beginning of September meant another visit to Tånga Hed. The West Sweden Terrier Club organizes lovely shows and are always very hospitable towards us.

The day started with a downpour (oh boy, did it rain) but got better during the day. We had a super day with our girls and the results were fantastic.

Posh Detroit Redwings got BOB and BIG-2 and Posh Penny got Best Bitch and finally champion. Mistress Ann-Gitt swore with joy at the result! Even Chicko got his champion title because he had reached 2 years of age!
We finished the year with the Bjuv show in September where Posh Promise got his first certificate and Swedish and Danish Champion Posh Spirea got Best Bitch-2 and Best Veteran.

We had a quick trip to the Malmö Puppy Show. We had none of our own pups but our two-legged offspring did us proud. Johanna was in the Junior Handler contest at the yearly South Sweden Championship. At 8 years of age she kept her nerves in check and achieved 2nd place out of 30 teams. Guess if we were proud?!

The rest of the year we enjoyed Millie’s pups. She had six and it looks like a super litter. The pups have gone to very good homes and it will be exciting watching their progress.

This was the year we were awarded the SvTek breeders Medal.
We were given it at the Southern Sweden Terrier clubs annual meeting in January. We truly appreciate the honour.
In January we also got four lovely pups from a mating of Rotella Foxy and Posh Arietta which we are very happy about. It will be interesting to follow their progress,
The early spring found us in Hässleholm at the SKK puppy show. Posh Prive got BOB and BIG-2 and Posh Pilgrim got BIM.

In March we went over to Crufts in England to watch approximately 180 Westies from all over Europe but mostly from England, the Westies´ Homeland. We were also the cheerleaders for the Swedish representative Rocco (Spoilt Brat Du Moulin De McGregor) with Mistress Suzanne holding the lead.
An unforgettable experience when the pair was awarded BOB at this prestigious show. While there we made new contacts which provided a lot of  satisfaction later in the year.

March meant it was time for the Malmö International Show. Posh Maundy was awarded Best Bitch and BIM and could now call herself International Champion, closely followed by Mum S ch Dk ch Posh Spirea who was Best Bitch-2 and Best Veteran. A really tough little lady who has given us a lot of pleasure.

In May we took part in Hörby at the SvTek show. Posh Arietta succeeded in getting her second certificate and finished the day with BIS-3 among a lot of very fine Terriers. Posh Lladro was there too and finished Best Dog-3.

We took Chicko (Post Detroit Redwings) to Borås. He got BOB and his final CACIB which meant he was International and Northern Champion and had not reached 3 years of age. Posh Pralin also excelled with BIS_2 Puppy of the whole show.
In Tvååker Posh Arietta got her final Certificate and became Swedish Champion.
Posh Lladro got his first certificate.

The summer ended with the SKK International Show in Ronneby with BOB and BIG-2 for Posh Detroit Redwings and BIM for Posh Prime, just 10 months old and sister to Posh Pralin and Prive. The autumn has been spent with new pups from Posh Electra Glide and White Label Daim (S and DK Champion and KHV-07 who we borrowed from Sofie Tönder. A really lovely Westie Lad and we are very pleased to have puppies from him). Here at home we have kept Posh Pasqua (Jolly) who is very charming and truly jolly!

We have participated in the Westie Alliance Breeders meeting during the autumn which was nice and very rewarding.

We have been following progress in England during the year and through a contact Mrs. Shauna Fryer, Kennel Hopecharm we have had the honor of borrowing two of her young stars, Hopecharm Major Luke and Vogrie Lizzie Bryce of Hopecharm. We will be showing and breeding from them next year.

We would like to thank our supporters and old and new pup buyers for all their encouragement during the year.

The year started with My Dog in Gothenburg where Posh Lladro got BOB, Swedish Winner 2008 and certificate and CACIB. A fantastic day which ended with us driving at 50 km/h in a snow blizzard with black ice. Next year we will take the train! (We did actually). 

Our Junior Bitch Posh Prime won her class and was fourth best Bitch in the same show.

In February it was time for the traditional puppy show in Hässleholm.
From 10 or so Westie Pups, Jolly (Posh Pasqua) got BOB Puppy and Posh Pinotage got BIM. Jolly finished the day as second best terrier pup.

In February we went over to Denmark with Hopecharm Major Luke (Raymond) and Vogrie Lizzie Bryce (Lizzie) who both got their first Danish certificates.

Posh Super Glide (Millie) had a litter at the end of March after being mated with Raymond. We are very pleased with these four puppies, two of which have made very good progress during the year.

In May we went over the water which resulted in Lizzie being Danish Champion also being Group placed in the Danish Terrier Clubs show in Helsingör.

May is an intensive month in the dog show world and we continued our competition in Hässleholm and it was a very good day. Lizzie got BOB, Swedish Champion and later that afternoon even the Group. Raymond got BIM and a certificate.

After a quick trip to Borås and Ullared which has also become a tradition, the World Dog Show in Stockholm was next on the agenda.  We had been looking forward to this highlight and it was definitely worth waiting for!
We had a fantastic few days in Stockholm. Both Lizzie and Raymond shone and just a hairsbreadth from victory in the World show. But coming second of 104 westies isn´t bad either!
We were very satisfied when we got in the car on the way home. Some uninvited bugs had been found in the hotel room so when we got home everything we had was put in the Sauna and the dogs got a really good bath. Something never to be forgotten!
Our English contact and breeder to Lizzie and Raymond wrote to congratulate us and sent a present, the show leads we use,  because we had been able to borrow these wonderful Westies from England.

August brought the family trip to Ronneby and both the Perssons and Liljebergs were there. Lizzie got BOB and BIG-2 and Raymond got Best Dog-2. A lovely weekend with both sun and water!

Autumn was approaching fast which means time for Sofiero and Bjuv. At Sofiero Posh Point of View (Kevin) owned by Mikael Brisk got his first certificate and finished as Best Dog-3. In Bjuv Lizzie got BIM. This was the last show of the year for Lizzie. In December she was mated with Rocko. How exciting to wait and see these precious pups!

Between times we were in Malmö in November for their big Puppy Show. 20 Westie pups were registered and the Judge was Birgitta Roos-Borjesson. What an end to the year it was for Kennel Posh! Posh Pecan (Stanley owned by Jennie Sterner) got BOB and Posh Pistage (Cocos owned by Mia Sandberg) got BIM. Posh Pecan (Stanley) finished the day with Best Terrier and BIS-2 of 1356 pups. We are very flattered by this great honour and very very happy!
A big Thanks to all fans and supporters!
His Mother Posh Electra Glide (Millie) was BIS five years ago at the same show.

The year has also involved work in the Westie Alliance Breed and Breeder Committee where we are both members. Anne is also on the Committee of the South Sweden Terrier Club and Inger a member of South Westies Committee!

2009 - A fantastic and successful year for Kennel Posh

The year started with our visit to Gothenburg for MY DOG.

To be on the safe side we took the train which worked out perfectly. We were also lucky enough to stay at the Gothia Tower Hotel and lived like the rich and famous. Thanks for that Micke!

We had entered Kevin (Posh Point of View) and Jolly (Posh Pasqua). Kevin got BIM and certificate (his second) and 2nd best Bitch for Jolly (her debut) so that was a good start to the year.

Hässleholm´s Puppy Show (South Skåne Kennel club) has been a tradition for us both to enter and visit. This year we took the siblings Posh Pecan (Stanley) and Posh Pistage. 13 Westie pups were entered and they got BOB (Stanley) and BIM. The day ended with Stanley being awarded Best Terrier. The following day was scheduled for Best in Show. After a quick detour to the Southern Sweden Terrier Clubs meeting in Arlöv, we threw ourselves back in the car and got there just in time for the Best in Show. What a great result when Stanley finished the day as 2nd Best in Show against 900 pups.

The judge was the Terrier specialist Charlotte Melin. This was the start signal for this “pup”, and little did we know then what a little star we had. But there was more to follow…

In April we got a letter from Minna Jaakola from Finland (Kennel White Villan in Finland). She wondered if we would like to borrow Vito (Multi Ch A tes Souhaits De Moulin de Macgregor) for stud. We first saw him in Stockholm in 2008 and were impressed by this lovely westie so we were very pleased to be able to borrow him. Pernilla, a good friend who bought Ronja (Posh Privé) wanted to take care of him and so it was. Vito came to Skåne in May 2009 and will be staying a good while.

May brings the traditional visit to Hörby and Hässleholm. In Hörby there were 30 westies entered and believe it or not Posh Point of View (Kevin) got his third certificate Championship and was awarded BOB with very tough competition. With Anne holding the lead and a super cheerleader group, Kevin was awarded BIS at the Swedish Terrier Club show in 2009. What a triumph!!! Micke could hardly believe his ears as one after another the calls came from Skåne. It was a very cold day but our memories of that day are warm and sunny.

After that weekend, we hardly had time to get our breath back before it was time for the usual trip to Småland.

Orrefors was the venue for the Westie Alliances´ annual official show with 80 westies entered. This was a day never to be forgotten with our three Westies, all bred by us. Our puppy Posh Partygame was awarded 3rd best Dog puppy and Anne’s beautiful Lisa (Multi Ch Posh Unique) was awarded BIS Veteran. As extra icing on the cake, Posh Pecan (Stanley) strutted his way to BIS Junior and followed that by beating all the others to become our very first BIS at the Westie Alliance Show, just 14 months old!

Within two weeks two of our dreams had come true. BIS at the Swedish Terrier Club show and BIS at the Westie Alliance with two different dogs. Mikael (Kevin’s owner), Jennie (Stanley’s Mum) and Anne were ecstatic and even Inger was proud as a peacock (owner of Millie (Posh Electra Glide) mother to these two stars).

After those weekends we managed to get our breath back in time for our annual visit to Ullared and the Borås show which is always on our schedule. Apart from different bargains in Ullared, we got a grand slam in Borås for Kennel Posh.  Posh Pecan was once again BOB and Posh Pasqua (Jolly) BIM. Posh Pecan came 4th with tough competition in the group and he wasn´t finished yet. He achieved BOB in Tvååker, Ronneby, Norrköping and a certificate in Bjuv.

In August we were in Denmark with Vito at the Hillerod Danish Kennel Club show. Vito had several champion titles with him but was not a Danish champion. With tough competition (50 entered) he got his Danish Certificate and finished the day BOB. Nowadays he is a Danish Champion. At the same show Mellanmöllans Kyle Minogue (Sire Hopecharm Major Luke “Raymond”) got a certificate and was 2nd Bitch. Raymond and Millie´s daughters won in two different classes. We are pleased and proud to see others win with our puppies.

We had our litters this year in the spring and summer when we feel it is easier for both us and our capable and trustworthy buyers. From the first litter, Posh Party Kit (Kitty) stayed with Anne and her family (or maybe we should say that Anne and the family live with Kitty!) She is a product from Multi Ch Spoilt Brat de Moulin de Macgregor (Rocco) and Ch Vogrie Lizzie Bryce by Hopecharm.

In September we travelled over to Odense and met Shauna Fryer from Hopecharm Kennel. Lizzie went home to England with Shauna and we in turn returned home with Maysie (Hopecharm Carrie O´Key). We hope to mate Maysie and possibly show her. She has a reserve certificate in England and is a wonderful little bitch, a real character.

In October we were in Gothenburg for the Westie Alliance breeders meeting. On Saturday the speaker was Lars Fält and on Sunday we discussed the revisions for the specificity of the breed. We had a good time and would like to thank Westie in the West for a very well arranged meeting.

In November we were in Malmoe for the annual puppy show with Posh Party Kit. She finished as 2nd best bitch, (flying round the ring rather than walking and sitting beautifully rather than standing properly.) But her young mistress (Johanna) is prepared to take over and will, we are sure, get her sorted out. This little dog is a proper little charmer.

To Sum up the year 2009. We have been to twelve shows, won 8 BOB, 2BIM and 11 certificates with five different dogs. We are truly pleased and grateful for a fantastic year for Kennel Posh. We should not forget that Hopecharm Major Luke (Raymond), Posh Detroit Redwings (Chicko), A tes Souhaits De Moulin de Macgregor (Vito) and Posh Point of View (Kevin) have fathered puppies in the Nordic countries which we will follow with interest during 2010.

The past year has given us new contacts in neighbouring countries which we are pleased and grateful for. This is a step forward for us and the kennel and we hope to visit our neighbours as well as have visits from them.  Good Luck!



We started the year with a trip to My Dog in Gothenburg taking Posh Pecan and Posh Pasqua with us. Posh Pecan (Stanley), was awarded Best of Breed and 4th in Group by Judge Liz Cartledge from England.

Westies had come from Russia, Germany and Denmark and the competition was fierce. Posh Pasqua was awarded 3rd place in class.

February meant a trip to Hässleholm for the Puppy show, this time with Posh Pepino and Posh Peach. They succeeded in getting 2nd best dog and best bitch against many westie pups.

In May “Maisy” Hopecharm Carrie O´key made her Swedish debut in the ring in Hörby. This delightful westie was rewarded with 3rd best bitch.   We also paid a visit to Tånga Hed for the Terrier Club´s annual show with siblings Posh Pecan (Stanley) and Posh Pinje (Smilla). Posh Pecan was awarded Best of Breed and got his final certificate to become Swedish Champion and Posh Pinje won a certificate and finished 4th best bitch.

The summer meant visits to our Nordic neighbours. First we went over to Herning in Denmark for the World show. Unfortunately, Inger had a dreadful bout of the flu and we were not really on form. Even so, we had three good days with siblings Posh Pecan and Posh Pepino “Peppe” where they both got good placings. We finished our Denmark visit in Legoland, a well tried and tested venue where our daughters Charlotte and Linnea had a great time. They had a super weekend in a lovely hotel in Silkeborg.

The following weekend Inger was much better and we made our way up to Trondheim in Norway, a truly beautiful city. Our travelling companions this time were Posh Pecan (Stanley) and Hopecharm Carry O´key (Maisie). What a day! Both got certificate, CACIB and were named Best of Breed and Best in Opposite Sex.  That meant that Stanley was now a Nordic Champion. The following day we went up to the northern hills, a really beautiful trip. A trouble free journey home after a fantastic weekend in Norway.

We took a break until the end of September when we were again in Denmark, this time in Ballerup, and Posh Pecan came with us. It was a big show with more than forty westies entered. Stanley was awarded a certificate, CACIB and Best of Breed and Copenhagen Winner 2010. This fantastic dog now has the Title International and Nordic Champion. He was 2 and a half years old! A brilliant career for this special dog who started with a BIS 2 at the big puppy show in Malmö.  A huge thank you to Jennie, Stanleys Mum who looks after him well and is absolutely besotted with him.

Stanley also became a daddy this year, both with our own bitches and other kennels.

We haven´t had many puppies this year but we have high hopes that some of them will do very well in the ring.

In December, Hopecharm Major Luke “Raymond” returned to England for stud duties. He has some beautiful pups in England. We are delighted to say that he is back with us again. 

Our Special Lad!  

We would specially like to thank all of our fantastic puppy buyers and friends for a very successful year for Kennel Posh!

Inger and Anne