Her is a summary of the years 2013-2018

In 2013 we got our first shiba puppies. Three were today exhibited and the mail Posh Shorei is both Swedish and Danis champion and has also been BIR a number of times Kito is called he.This year we were at a 5 exhibitions where Novens Goshaga Wara (Shiba ) and Posh Party kitgot to show.This year and the following year also became Posh Papaya,Posh Peach and Posh Pretty woman champions Many thanks to Anneli,Christina och Berit for making it possible for us.

In the autumm of 2014 Posh Party Dj och Posh Precious were born. which will be a great joy for our kennel several years ahead.

In 2015-2017 we started exhibiting these two puppies with great success both receved early cert and placed in BIS finals. Posh PartyDJ was more finished and also became more exhibited in those years with great resultats today is CIB och Svensk och Dansk champion with proud owner Nisse. We also got some som westie puppies where we kept the pups Posh Plesure and Posh Pion with different lines. These have today become fantastic breeding sties for our next genration of westie.In May 2017 we got a shiba puppy named Posh Sephora that was allowed to stay in the kennel and then that same fall we got westie puppies that will turn out to be somthing really good. There we now have severel nice puppies that the expectation turned out would surpass most. At the end of thier career at 9 months old, they received cert and became BIM at a major exhibition in Denmark.

Posh Perfect also manged to become a BIS junior. Posh Sephora also made his debut and got the hang of his first exhibition. Also in 2018 westie puppies were born in kennel Posh where Posh Pisa an Posh Piquet have been at the exhibitions with cert.