Year 2019

This year was an extraordinary year, probably the most successful in the near future. We became the westerner of the year in Sweden and Denmark with our purple Daisy (Multi ch Posh Precious). Also a lot of Bir and Bim. She won Best in the group placements and Bis at dog shows in Sweden, Denmark and Germany. In August, Anne was in Bornholm and there she managed to become Best in Breed 4 days in a row in tough competition, a fantastic achievement. During the year, Sam (Posh Purpose) also made his debut. Who managed nice wins in both Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany. He was often only beaten by his successful mother.At some point it was Sam who won in Visby and Herning where he was Best in Breed and later Best in Group-2 both days. More dogs that we exhibited were our next star Posh Perfect (Lisa) also very young purchase succeeded in Visby to become BOB, BIG and Best in show- 2 at the big SKK fair. They were properly celebrated that day and evening. Lisa also managed to get a certificate in Denmark and Germany during the few times she was in. Another one we exhibited was Posh Pisa (Milly). She was too young, but she got a certificate in both Sweden and Denmark. Also debuted with the young dog Posh Piquet (Max) at a Noric show in Denmark where he managed to get a certificate and became BOS.In addition to all the successes with our westie, we exhibited Kelsy (Posh Sephora), who managed to get three certificates and three BOBs during the year and who now became Swedish champion. Also a small westie puppy became that Lexy (Posh Pion) managed to get 8 puppies in the same litter which developed well also this record for kennel Posh. It was a year with 22 certificates,

Year 2020

He and I watched the Westies at Crufts. The following week, Corona was a fact. All events were canceled until September. During the summer we got puppies both westie and shiba so they kept us busy. In September we were at the Hårlev Danish Club exhibition. We want Sam (Posh Purpose) and Lisa (Posh Perfect) to be champions and yes they were with flying colours. The first day was Lisa Best in Breed and Bestin show. Sam became Bim an Best in show2 bim. One day to Lisa again Bir and Sam Bim became Two best with certificate and Best junior became Posh Pop up owner of Sofie Tönder kennel White-Label. In the afternoon the success continued Lisa became Bis 4 and Sam became Bis Bim and Posh Pop up became Bis two juniors.The following month there was also a trip to Germany. There was Sam and Lisa Bir and Bim and Kelsy shiba became Bim. unfortunately no final werw arranged.

Year 2021

No exhibitions throughout the spring. However, there were puppies this summer as well. In August, the shows opened again and then we wanted Posh Piquet (Max) and Posh Pisa (Milly) to get a certificate and become champion.

I Backamo  gick det superbra Milly( Posh Pisa )lyckades bli BIM och få cert så hon kan kalla sig nu Svensk och Dansk champion Max (Posh Piquet) fick också två cert och blev BIR den ena dagen . Några grupptävlingar blev det inte.Nu blev vi tända  och så åkte vi till Gotland .Där lyckades vi åter bli Bir och Bim två dagar. Med oss hade vi Posh Piquet (Max ) som blev Svensk och Dansk champion , Posh Purpose (Sam) som blev Bir och fick Nordic cert och blev Nordic champion samt en ny tik Posh Peluca som blev Bir en dag och Bim dagen därpå med två cert .Vilken debut!!!!.

I september var vi  Hårlev Danska terrierk utställning och fick en fantastisk dag .Posh Precious var åter i ringen och blev Bir och  Bis-4. Med oss hade vi också Posh Peluca som fick cert som junior och blev uttagen bland de 6 i BIS junior . Grand final var Kitty Posh Party kit om blev Bästa veteran och BIS veteran 13 år gammal. Nästa utställning var Birkaröd Danska terrierkluben här var Posh Purpose outstanding  med att bli BIR två dagar och BIS 2 dag ett och BIS 3 dag två Bim became Posh Precious and the certificate on the first day went to Posh Peg. Also debuted Posh Pride as a puppy and became Bis -2..Now we were tagged so there were exhibitions in Herning and Kolding later in the year. Here we had Posh PurPose with us, who went on to win BOB at four of the six shows in tough competition. They also did well for Posh Peg and can now title themselves Danish Champion. Also Posh Precious got a new title Dv-.2021.

And finally, not to forget Posh Pride who was best puppy wherever she participated  . What will happen to this charm troll, 

Altogether in these four months we got 12 Bir and 10 Bim 18 certs and a new German Champion as well as three Danish club champions and a Nordic Champion as well as a number of Big and Bi placements. What a year it was.